One Heart One Soul

One Heart, One Soul Campaign comes to Annunciation Of Our Lord Parish.

The Diocese of Hamilton’s One Heart, One Soul Campaign has raised more than $23 million so far, with most of it benefiting parishes and the projects of their choosing. Our parish will kick off its participation in the campaign on Feb. 20-21. For the next few weeks, we’ll feature Frequently Asked Questions about the campaign, beginning with questions related to COVID-19. For the full list of FAQs and much more about the campaign, visit

Why are we doing the campaign? With the virus, shouldn’t we be focused on other priorities?

From the beginning, this campaign has been primarily about strengthening our parishes. Because of the pandemic, our parishes have even greater needs than when we started. Because the campaign is in place, we are in a better position than almost any diocese in North America to help our parishes recover from the blows suffered from COVID-19. The campaign offers parishes the opportunity to better fulfill their missions. There is no greater priority than that. Let’s make something extraordinarily positive for our Church out of something extraordinarily challenging!

How can we ask for money from people who lost their job or are otherwise hurting financially because of the virus?

We certainly are very sensitive to the struggles parishioners are facing, whether related to the virus or not. That’s why we work with pastors and leaders at parishes to set and review request amounts. That process will be even more important throughout the rest of the campaign. It is not foolproof, though. Pastors do not know every parishioner’s situation. But there is never an intention to be insensitive to a parishioner’s suffering. Meanwhile, some parishioners are in a position to give now, and they want to help. The campaign gives them the opportunity to help and the confidence of knowing how the money will be used. Be assured that only those who are able to give are expected to do so, and ultimately the decision is between the donor and the Lord.

Thank you to our campaign volunteers!

Annunciation Of Our Lord Parish is so grateful for parishioners who are working on preparations for the One Heart, One Soul Campaign, which kicks off here in two weeks. With their help and yours, we believe the campaign will strengthen our parish in important ways and help build a culture of stewardship.

What changes are being made to the campaign process because of the current situation?

The options for parish projects that utilize campaign funds are even wider now and can include efforts to stabilize operating budgets. Pastors and parish leaders are encouraged to further review request amounts and their use to be sensitive to parishioners’ changing situations. Also, options have been expanded on how we communicate with prospective donors. Face-to-face meetings have been an important piece of the campaign, but safety is paramount, and a number of alternatives, such as phone calls, will be utilized so that every parishioner’s situation is handled safely, sensitively and appropriately.

Won’t giving now make it harder for a lot of parishioners?

The campaign is founded on stewardship, our belief that we give back in gratitude a portion of what we’ve been given by God. Stewardship isn’t just for the good times in life, when we can give easily; it’s for all times, including the bad. We may adjust how much we give, or to whom we give, but we continue to give – in gratitude for and in proportion to what we’ve been given. A truly sacrificial gift demonstrates our trust that God will provide what we need, though not necessarily what we want. Stewardship isn’t what KEEPS us from getting through the tough parts of life; it’s what HELPS us get through them.

Are you ready for kickoff?

The One Heart, One Soul Campaign kickoff is just a week away! Next weekend, you’ll be given a way to hear Father’s message about the campaign, learn more about our parish projects and view the beautiful campaign video. (Psst! If you want a sneak peek at the video, go to

Why do you emphasize making a pledge?

Pledges allow donors to consider giving more than is possible through one-time gifts. Parishioners are able to be more generous to their parishes’ campaign and the Diocese through incremental giving over time. Also, pledging is not as big a strain on household budgets. This is important in a campaign of this magnitude.